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2015 Research Startup Weekend

Center for Communication, Creativity and Collaboration

2015 C3 Research Startup Weekend

C3 sponsored it first-ever C3 Research Startup in 2015 and it was a huge success! In 2016, the name changed to CoSearch: Think Alike, Great Minds!

Research Startup Weekend

C3 Research Startup Group Picture

This college-wide event had representation from all five units (School of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Music, School of Art and Design, and departments of Communication Studies and Theatre & Dance) and welcomed cross-university, cross-discipline from five other departments creating a weekend inspired by multidisciplinary research, collaboration and creativity. 

Learn about the process below.

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What is the C3 Research Startup?

C3 Research Startup is a unique research approach grounded in creative and interactive sessions based on a startup business research model.

The C3 Research Startup is a project supported by the C3 Research Center and the five units of the College of Fine Arts and Communication (School of Art & Design, Department of Communication Studies, School of Mass Communication & Journalism, School of Music, and Department of Theatre & Dance) and outlines a program that would produce research and grant proposals developed by interdisciplinary research teams to create COMMUNITY. Our COMMUNITY is: students, faculty, and the citizens in and around Texas State. 

What is Startup Research Weekend?

  • An intense creative conference that produces interdisciplinary research teams tasked with creating unique and innovative research proposals.
  • Is not an academic conference as research is developed (rather than discussed) through a unique form of community building.
  • Group facilitators will use creative, interactive, and thought-provoking methods to guide participating teams to successful research proposals.
  • Creates a research community that breaks down silos by merging the Fine Arts with the Social Sciences and bridging the gap between academic and student affairs.

Who will be involved?

  • The first C3 Research Startup in September 2015 was a pilot event opened primarily to faculty and graduate students in the College of Fine Arts and Communication.
  • Greg Tehven (Startup Fargo)  served as coach and facilitator to guide C3 and the College kickoff the inaugural event. Greg is a pivotal component to ensure the sustainability of Startup Research Weekends. This effort will increase the visibility of College and University, recruit diverse faculty, and strengthen retention. This is a novel idea that is unique for universities but it is often atypical ideas that bring the greatest results.    
  • The pilot event will allow for the development of future events that will be open to the entire campus community.

What was the location of the first C3 Research Startup?

The Meadow Center for Water and the Environment at Aquarena
951 Aquarena Springs Dr.
San Marcos, TX 78666


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Art Markman

Art Markman

Art Markman, Ph.D., is Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. He got his Sc.B. in Cognitive Science from Brown and his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Illinois. He has published over  150 scholarly works on topics in higher-level thinking including the effects of motivation on  learning and performance, analogical reasoning, categorization, decision making, and  creativity. Art is also co-host of the NPR radio show Two Guys on Your Head produced by  KUT Radio in Austin.

Facilitator: Greg Tehven

Greg Tehven photo

Greg is the Co-Founder of Emerging Prairie, an organization dedicated to connecting and nourishing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He is also the Co-Founder of and Students Today Leaders Forever, a national non-profit that has hosted 25,000 students to serve 336,000 hours of service across the United States. He teaches as an Adjunct Professor at Concordia College on Social Entrepreneurship in Bangalore, India and has also taught Personal and Global Leadership at the University of Minnesota. Greg’s current activities include co-organizing 1 Million Cups Fargo, Startup Weekend Fargo, and curating TEDxFargo. He has been published on,, Delta’s Sky magazine, and various other publications.  Greg has delivered over 100 keynote addresses and workshops to over 25,000 listeners across the country.  

A Message from the C3 Research Startup Team:

Our goal is to move our college to the next level by developing Community. Our definitions of Community: Service, Making a Difference, Togetherness, and Outreach.

We want to enhance the scholarly perceptions of our college by pulling together the 5 Units of Fine Arts and Communication to develop relevant and applicable research outcomes.

This weekend will methodically move participants through the processes of brainstorming, creating, and decision-making with an end product of RESEARCH that focuses on COMMUNITY.

Research Startup Leadership Team

Leadership Team (left to right):  Lisa Westerbeck, Michael Burns, Marian Houser

Day 1

Creativity Exercises

Facilitator Greg Tehven started the day off with icebreakers and creativity exercises to help get participants creativity flowing and help them get out of their perspective silos. 

creative word exercise

Through the exercise pictured, participants formed groups and came up with research ideas based on words they picked from these sheets of paper. 

Pitches of Possible Research Ideas & Voting

Once participants' creativity was awakened, proposal pitches began! Participants were given the chance to pitch their research idea. Participants then voted for their favorite idea. Groups were formed based on the top six ideas.


Teams Form, Collaboration Begins


Hannah Park
Hyuna Park, Art & Design

Teams are given two hours to collaborate and work together on their research project pitch.

Thomas Longoria
                                                                         Thomas Longoria, Public Administration


Day 2

Teams Continue Working

Teams are given five hours to work Saturday before their pitches are judged.

teams working   cynthia gonzales ana baerpat shields teri evans   dale blasingame, kelly kaufhold
jim price's group

Method, Creative, Technology and Presentation Coaching Sessions


Sean Horan Coaching Sean Horan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, coaches a group on Research Methods. The group pictured consisted of faculty from Theatre & Dance, Psychology and Art & Design. Pictured is Christa Oliver, Vlasta Silhavy, Nadine Mozon, Jim Price, Sean Horan, Hyuna Park, Hillary Cauthen and Kaitlin Hopkins. 
Stephanie Dailey, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, coaches a group on Qualitative Methods. Pictured (left to right): Kelly Kaufhold, Journalism & Mass Communication, Stephanie Dailey, Dale Blasingame, Journalism & Mass Communcation and Stacey Robbins, Occupational, Workforce and Leadership Studies  Stephanie Dailey Coaching


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Art Markman giving Keynote Speech

Dr. Art Markman gave his keynote speech, discussing the importance of community in regards to research. 


Research Presentation Competition

Each team was given four minutes to present their research project proposal. Judges evaluated teams based on a rubric provided by C3 Research Startup's Leadership Team

The winning team, pictured below comprised of Dan Tamir from the Department of Communication Science, Rebekah Fox, Kristen Farris, from the Department of Communication Studies and Aimee Roundtree from the Department of English. 

Nursing Praxis group

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