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Center for Communication, Creativity and Collaboration

Diversity Experts

Erina Duganne headshot
Erina Duganne
History of Photography, Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, Race and Representation, Art and Activism
Vanessa Higgins headshot
Vanessa Higgins
Media Effects, Political Communication, International Communication, Transnational Media, Latin American media, Latino media, Agenda-setting and Public Opinion, Journalists' roles, Digital Media, Research Methods
Marian Houser headshot
Marian Houser
Communication Assessment, Communication Theory & Research Methods, Nonverbal Communication, Relational Conflict, Gender & Communication
Sean Justice headshot
Sean Justice
Visual Arts & Computer Science, Computer Science Education for Teachers, Programming as Literacy, New Materialisms;
Kevin Mooney headshot
Kevin Mooney
Musicology, Music history, American music, Texas music, Women in Music, Jazz; 19th Century Art Song, Music and Identity, Oral history
Michael Rau headshot
Michael Rau
Theater, Opera, Digital Media, Performance Art, Directing, Adaptation, Code, International Collaborations
Amanda Soto headshot
Amanda Soto
FWorld Music Pedagogy, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice in Music Education, Bimusical Sensibilities of Children, Technology in Music Education, Mexican & Mexican American Music, Children's Musical Culture
Louie Valencia headshot
Louie Dean Valencia
Digital History, Urban History, Modern History, European History, Post-colonial History, Public History, Youth Culture, Comic Books
Susan Weil headshot
Susan Weil
Mass Communication, Journalism Civil Rights, Race and Mass Media
Nicole Wesley headshot
Nicole Wesley
Community building through authentic performance (The JUSTICE Project), interdisciplinary pedagogical and artistic approaches to art-making (The Bassanda Project) and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) as a methodology in the realm of technical training and performance process.