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L.E.A.P. Summer Camp

Project Directors:  Ana Carrillo Baer, Vlasta Silhavy
Funding Organization: City of San Marcos Arts Commission, Texas State University's Research Enhancement Program and Texas State University's Equity and Access Program
Award Amount: $5,000, $16,000, $1,500 respectively (total of $22,500)

Leadership, Empowerment, and Arts Program (LEAP), is a one-week summer camp and mentoring program geared toward minority girls ages 13-18 years old classified as at-risk by the Texas Education Agency, offering exposure to career exploration. The camp includes a full schedule, rich in leadership training, guest speakers from various career fields, and arts and technology projects designed to empower and motivate. Participants explore careers, engage with guest speakers from the community and local businesses, cultivate soft skills and gain self-confidence with an appreciation for the arts through the use of theatre, music, and dance. At the end of the camp process, the students will produce a multimedia performance showcase to share the skills and knowledge learned from the camp with the community. 

LEAP empowers and inspires the next generation by providing young women with the necessary life skills and self-confidence to succeed in both their educational endeavors and future careers. LEAP is a summer camp specifically designed to teach leadership, empowerment, arts, and technology to middle school and high school girls while providing a mentoring component to engage local college students, businesses, and members of the community in becoming role models to these girls. The program will benefit the community by reducing the economic burden caused by high school drop-out rates, teen pregnancy, and low school performance. It will also empower our college students to serve as role models and help bridge a gap to make a college education more viable for at-risk girls.

LEAP will make a significant impact on Hays county’s educational system and workforce by targeting three goals with the ultimate aim to empower at-risk girls to utilize soft skills, technology and the arts to overcome difficult circumstances, graduate high school, and achieve college and career readiness.

Goal 1: Recruit 20 local girls ages 13-18 who are classified as at-risk according to TEA.

Goal 2: Develop a replicable leadership and empowerment summer camp curriculum with an ongoing mentoring program and train staff and volunteers.

Goal 3: Implement the one-week LEAP summer camp and mentoring program beginning in 2017.