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Past Events


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  • Group Photo 2018

    1st Place Winners:

    “TELeHealth Goes to School”

    Dr. Richard Novak
    Dr. Bill Chittenden
    Dr. Shuying Sun
    Dr. Pam Wilson

    2nd Place Winners:

    “When the Need isn’t Easy to See” 

    Dr. Kristen Farris
    Dr. Rebekah Fox
    Dr. Ann Burnette
    Dr. Vanessa Higgins Joyce
    Dr. Seokhoon Ahn

    3rd Place Winners:

    Mental Health App

    Richard Hall
    Dr Yan Yan
    Dr. Kim Belcik

  • Teams: 

    1st Place Winner:

    FACES: Foster Care Alumni Creating Educational Success (The Bridge Project) 
    The winning team comprised of Christine Norton, Social Work, Eleanor Close, Physics, Lindsay Timmerman, Communication Studies, Luz Murillo, Curriculum & Instruction, Megan Newhouse Baily, Health & Human Perf., and Shawna White, Journalism and Mass Communication

    View their research idea

    2nd Place Winner:

    Team Hope
    The team comprised of Nico Schuler, Music, Shuying Sun, Mathematics, Ruth Taylor, Marketing and Kaipeng Wang, Social Work 

    View their research idea 

    3rd Place Winner:

    Team Heart
    The team comprised of Viola Benevente, Nursing, Erik Timmerman, Communication Studies, Stephanie Dailey, Communication Studies, Jessica Raley, Health Professions, De Gardner, Health Professions, Grace Kim, Social Work and Ranjini Mohan, Communication Disorders 

    View their research idea

    Runners Up:

    Our Stories 
    The team comprised of MiHyun Kim, Art and Design, Louie Team Valencia, History, Rachel Romero, Sociology, Daniel Carter, Journalism and Mass Communication, Richard Warms, Anthropology and Zika Handayani, Engineering Technology 

    View their research idea 

    The team comprised of Steve Rayburn, Marketing, Linda Nasr, Marketing, Sid Anderson, Marketing, David Angelow, Computer Information Systems, Zo Ramamonjiarivelo, Health Administration, Tahir Elkin, CIS 

    View their research idea

    Happy Healthy Toolkit 
    The team comprised of Rebecca David, Geography, Moria DiMauro Jackson, Modern Languages and Andrea Dennison, CLAS-Education 

    View their research idea

  • CoSearch group photo

    The Living Room Wins at CoSearch 2016 Research Competition

    Second Annual Cross-disciplinary Prize Provides Kickstart to Novel Research Proposal

    Thirty faculty members representing every college at Texas State University spent 24 hours forming into four teams to conceive, develop and pitch unique research proposals aimed at solving critical social problems. Teams then presented their research proposals to a panel of ten judges on topics including student hunger on college campuses, empathy training and the effects classroom design can have on student productivity. The winning pitch called “The Living Room,” proposed the development of a mobile app to match under-utilized spaces in homes, churches, company conference rooms, community centers and public places with performance artists and groups in need of rehearsal venues.

    Neil Patrick Stewart, a professor in the department of theatre and dance who led the winning team’s presentation said, “Our aim is to turn dead space into living rooms. Like Airbnb has done for travelers, our app will support artists, performers and groups who need rehearsal space. Space providers get the benefit of having art come to life right in their own homes or workplaces.” “The Living Room” project members include: Denise Gobert (Physical Therapy), Joey Martin (Music), Ron Ulen (Music), Jason Kwak (Music), Prisca Ngondo (Public Relations), Cheri DeVol (Theatre), Omar Lopez (Occupational Workforce & Leadership), Tom Dugdale (Theatre), and Dan Tamir (Computer Science).

    The team plans to leverage its CoSearch prize to draw on additional funding sources and estimates an app development timeline of 18 months. The group plans to activate the app by engaging the more than 1,100 Texas State University Fine Arts students as word of mouth marketers.

    College of Fine Arts dean, John Fleming reflected on The Living Room’s win by saying, “This is what the CoSearch process does. In just 24 hours, an incredible new idea has been conceived and now has seed funding. This is research with relevance that can scale to every college campus and community in the country.”

    The 2nd place team focused on “Student food insecurity on campus.” An estimated 7,500 students at Texas State that deal with food insecurity every school year. The goal is to partner with student affairs, retention office, to assess hunger on campus and, partnering with local food distributors, develop a student-led, on-campus, food pantry that evolves into a non-profit grocery store.

    CoSearch 2016 was facilitated by Greg Tehven, a curator with TEDx, and nationally sought-after workshop leader. San Marcos Mayor and Texas State graduate, Daniel Guerrero, served as the event’s keynote speaker. 126 supporters attended the final presentations and celebration in the Performing Arts Center.

    winning team

  • Texas State University’s CoSearch 2016 Research Competition Winners

    The winning team, pictured below comprised of Dan Tamir from the Department of Communication Science, Rebekah Fox, Kristen Farris, from the Department of Communication Studies and Aimee Roundtree from the Department of English. 

    Nursing Praxis group